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  • Knifeless™ Tape
    Knifeless™ Tape

    Knifeless tape was designed by people in the graphics industry for the graphic industry.

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  • 3M acquired Knifeless Tech Systems
    3M acquired Knifeless Tech Systems

    When used in combination with 3M vehicle wrap films, Knifeless Tape technology enables installers to create imaginative, one-of-a-kind works of art on vehicles

  • Credibility

    Knifeless tapes are endorsed, supported and used by the major Vinyl manufacturers.

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  • Knifeless™ Tape - The Original!
    Knifeless™ Tape - The Original!

    The Original Industry developed and endorsed knifeless solution! Don’t be fooled by cheap low quality imitators that may void manufacturers warranties.

  • Knifeless Precision & Flexibility
    Knifeless Precision & Flexibility

    Knifeless tape is highly versatile and flexible allowing for intricate designs with tight curves and corners; all done simply, quickly and with one continuous tape line

  • The Standard
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3M is pleased to have acquired Knifeless Tech Systems


3M is pleased to have acquired Knifeless Tech Systems, the manufacturer of the Knifeless Tape installation tool for adhesive films used in the graphics, vehicle wrap, and other industries.

When used in combination with 3M vehicle wrap films, Knifeless Tape technology enables installers to create imaginative, one-of-a-kind works of art on vehicles:

  • Replaces knife cutting during installation
  • Eliminates surface damage from blades
  • Allows more design creativity

To learn more, visit the 3M booth at the International Sign Association (ISA) Trade Show (April 20-23, 2016).



Knifeless Tape products are used in 3M's Advanced Installer Training Class

Knifeless Tape products, specifically, our “Finish”, “Perforated” and “Bridge line” products,  when used properly, are recommended by 3M as cutting tools with 3M cast vinyl films.

"With the technology of graphic films expanding, the variety of tools used to install those films has also expanded. A must have in any installer's kit, the Knifeless Tech System, alleviates the issues that novice and even expert installers dread; cutting on paint". Learn more >>.

MACtac Graphics, Application Nation, First Quarter News Letter

Knifeless Tech Systems- 3M Press Release 
The future of the Vinyl and Signage industry... "3M Commercial Graphics and Knifeless Tech Systems have entered into an exclusive partnership to give graphic film installers a revolutionary installation tool that lets them cut quickly without a blade, delivering a sharp edge that is perfectly straight or curvy.

The combination of 3M’s high performance films—like Controltac brand Graphic Film with Comply brand v3 Adhesive IJ180Cv3 from 3M—with Knifeless Tape gives installers a combination that will have them saying, “wow!”"... 
View Press Release >>      

- 3M Graphic Solutions, Press Release (July 19th, 2012)



Knifeless Technology Systems Inc. remains the only holder of the patented method for trimming stretchable adhesive films using a filament; this includes all vinyl films used in the graphics business.

Knifeless Tape has been specifically designed to operate with the stretchable adhesive films which are laid over contoured shapes with curved edges and contains novel features that allow the tape to turn easily and both directions.

CDN Patent 2,686,003 & 2,860,576
US Patent 7,914,638 & 8,187,407 & 8,361,615 & 8,920,589
Australia Patent 2010276103
Europe Patent 2461914 & 2650142
South Africa Patent 2012/06473
Japan Patent 5451882
China Patent ZL201080040379.9 & ZL201410198609.4
Other patents pending in Canada, China, Brazil, South Africa, Europe & Japan

Knifeless Tech Systems is also trademarked in Europe, registration number 010911841.


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